Food Safety/FSSAI

Mandating food safety audit of Food Business holding Central License under high risk category of Food Business; Dairy Products, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Restaurants, Food Chain, Catering) Awaited. Food Safety/FSSAI Inspection Schedule IV.

  • Environment Safety: Environmental Compliance
  • Health and Safety: Safety Inspection required to insure safety in Organization
  • Quality: Quality Inspection as per Client requirements.
  • Information Safety: Information compliance which is very much essential for each growing Organization.
  • Energy Safety: Compliance for the environment as well as for company's better opportunity

Our diverse range of Inspection /Third Party Inspection services provides trusted support for your products, projects and processes with a helm of well-trained technical experts having wide range of experience in Quality Assurance & Implementation.We are truly Impartial & Independent in our Inspection /Third Party Inspection activities, assessing the compliance of product quality meeting the regulatory requirements of industry vertical, Inspection /Third Party Inspection reports and results. Our industry specific inspectors check your product against the specifications detailed by the company/Client/International Standard codes to meet a number of requirements.

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