Quality Ratings

Quality rating is the only service offered by A- Mark Ratings Globally. It shows the competency of Organization to understand the quality and tendency of sustaining with quality in the market. Please contact info@amarkratings.com for more information.

Environmental Ratings

It shows the net investment and mitigation towards the environment by the company. It is a quantifying figure that strengthen the company in environment management. It also shows the level of mitigation and control against scale of disaster. Please contact info@amarkratings.com for more details.

Health Safety Ratings

It is a risk based quantify exercise which shows the organization readiness for manmade and natural hazards.

Food Ratings

It shows the conformance of foods from the origin to the end user. At every point a quantify score is given and at the end average score shows overall adequacy of food conditions. It strengthens the organization for conformance of food quality.

Safe InformationRatings

As during COVID-19 and from last 10 years, online market is growing very fast. In this scenario the safety of information is very critical. For that, this safe information rating is issued against how any of information handled by online portal/website/applications.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

It shows the organization/Unit, quantify the net energy save in One year by a Unit. Please contact info@amarkratings.com for more information.

We provide the certification activities in the most independent and impartial way.